Find And Remove Duplicate Records

If you have a large database or customer mailing list, then, there are chances that you might end up with duplicate records. This is one of the reasons why many companies use Database Cleaner. By using our product, you can remove/merge duplicate records and have no errors in the database you own.

Deleting all duplicate rows manually may be a real headache when you have large lists containing thousands of rows, and you can never be certain that you've eliminated them all. The Database Cleaner does the job promptly, quietly and perfectly - you can be 100% sure that no duplicates are left unnoticed in your database/spreadsheets.

Find Duplicate Records

Lists with duplicate records are responsible for inefficiency & wastage of resources in an organization.

Before the DB Cleaner software in place, every database was manually checked for errors as mentioned above. Humanly it was impossible to have an error free database back then, even though multiple checks were done. Moreover, proper formatting for the same wasn't possible as well. If the alignment was not done right and if there were corruptions within, the time frame for checks and returns would be huge. Time and money was unnecessarily spent, which now, thanks to the database cleaner is eradicated for good.

Imagine sending multiple emails to the same leads would do any good for your business? Removing out the duplicate records and keeping your database clean and lean can be done very easily with DB Cleaner. It also helps keep the job on track and brings more recognition to your company as well.

Manually doing the chore of checking for identicle records is no more a tedious job, since the software does it all... Duplicates would be checked and verified for, and with the help of matching algorithms, it would be removed.

Several hours of human and manual labor would be saved, bringing down the cause of human errors too. This is why many companies now look at Database Cleaner to use, since it is very affordable and makes logistic sense using them.

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Note: Database Cleaner never deletes any information from the source files, all information is kept temporarily in memory.