One common problem people deal with when using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is duplicate data. Regardless of the circumstances that led to entering inaccurate data within the cells or rows, identifying and removing the duplicates might be significantly more difficult, especially if we talk about spreadsheets that contain a high volume of information. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to find and eliminate the duplicates, which is why paying close attention to every detail is of utmost importance.

Duplicate content might be the result of a data entry error. Sometimes, these errors are extremely commune, particularly if we talk about numbers or high volumes or information. Assuming that you are using an older version of Excel, identifying duplicate values will definitely be a difficult and overwhelming task that might require you to proofread the entire document once again. Furthermore, if you work as a bookkeeper or other job that requires you to enter data into Excel spreadsheets on a regular basis, avoiding duplicate content might be a challenge.

Excel duplicate content might be quite common, and sometimes, they might be due to various errors we might encounter. In some cases, the errors might not be visible to the eye; if that is the case, you have to proofread all your spreadsheets all the time to identify and then remove them. On the other hand, other errors might consist of automatically duplicating all values that are being entered to the spreadsheet. In that case, the errors would be visible, but still very difficult to remove. Similar errors might occur when copying and pasting information to spreadsheets or downloading documents from online sources, or when you open Excel spreadsheets using other software.

Unfortunately, though, removing the errors by hand is extremely difficult, which is why people need to find a better solution to prevent these errors from happening and eventually remove them if they still occur. Database Cleaner has been proven to be extremely efficient when duplicate content is around and bothers the accuracy of your Excel Spreadsheets. By using Database Cleaner, you will be able to easily identify potential duplicated and then remove them without too much effort. Implemented and designed for all versions of Microsoft Excel, you have the excellent opportunity to make data entry an easier task without proofreading all spreadsheets every time you create them. Database Cleaner is easy to install and use even for novices, so no problem or troubles should occur.