Ashisoft, who provides data matching and data quality solutions for businesses of any size, has launched Database Cleaner, a software package that brings a real solution to dealing with complex data usability problems. The Data cleansing software will help businesses avoid common and costly mistakes from duplicate records, by keeping the database up to date and accurate.

There is nothing more annoying when a person receives a phone call from a company who has phoned a few hours previous, asking the same questions. It is very annoying for the consumer receiving the phone call and very annoying if you are a business learning how unprofessional a supplier is by making the huge mistake of calling you twice. Having duplicate records on your computer system, can cause you to lose customers, especially if you invoice them twice or phone them again and again. Thanks to Database Cleaner, this easy mistake can be sorted out, and no duplicate records will be held on your computer system.

At a time where the economy is still struggling and business owners are struggling to survive, losing a customer no matter how big or how small could cause serious loss of revenue, revenue that a business may need to survive. A small computer record mistake could lose a business a customer through having duplicate records. Database Cleaner can stop these mistakes and can stop business owners from losing customers.

Database Cleaner has been designed to allow professional and beginners to use the software to deal with duplicate mistakes. If a business uses a customer list, mailing list, product list or an email list or any type of database, then Database Cleaner will ensure that any duplicate records are removed and cleaned.

Trying to manually remove duplicate records is not only time consuming but if a mistake is made; it becomes costly while Database Cleaner does the job professional and saves the user 90% of their time.

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About Database Cleaner

Ashisoft is a worldwide leading provider of data quality and data cleaning software solutions that are affordable, simple to use and powerful. Their software is very easy to use, it has been programmed in such a way that anyone no matter what knowledge they have can use the software and avoids any costly mistakes that duplicate entry can cause.