DB Cleaner stops you from making mistakes

Ashisoft, who provides data matching and data quality solutions for businesses of any size, has launched Database Cleaner, a software package that brings a real solution to dealing with complex data usability problems. The Data cleansing software will help businesses avoid common and costly mistakes from duplicate records, by keeping the database up to date and accurate.

There is nothing more annoying when a person receives a phone call from a company who has phoned a few hours previous, asking the same questions. It is very annoying for the consumer receiving the phone call and very annoying if you are a business learning how unprofessional a supplier is by making the huge mistake of calling you twice. Having duplicate records on your computer system, can cause you to lose customers, especially if you invoice them twice or phone them again and again. Thanks to Database Cleaner, this easy mistake can be sorted out, and no duplicate records will be held on your computer system.

Find Duplicate Records In Excel Sheets

One common problem people deal with when using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets is duplicate data. Regardless of the circumstances that led to entering inaccurate data within the cells or rows, identifying and removing the duplicates might be significantly more difficult, especially if we talk about spreadsheets that contain a high volume of information. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to find and eliminate the duplicates, which is why paying close attention to every detail is of utmost importance.

Database Cleaner Brings Professionalism To Your Office Work

We live in an era where competition amongst firms and businesses is at peak. Companies are willing to go to any extent just to ensure that their clients remain loyal to them. In such circumstances, even a small blunder or a little mismanagement can lead to a huge loss. This is where Database Cleaner comes in, one of the most power and comprehensive data cleansing, matching and de-duplication tool. If you want to make sure that you never upset your clients with an unprofessional mistake, Database Cleaner is the perfect tool for you!